In this 2nd issue of Spotlight we explore some
alternate liveries of the South American
Racers with the Alfa 308 kit. Also included is
the artwork we used to create our builds.
Our 4th release the Maserati 26M will be available in February. Here are some pictures of the production pattern that will be
used to cast the resin kits.....
We plan to make the production mould tools and start casting kits over the next two weeks. When we have produced the
first batch of kits the ordering page will be updated. The Maserati 26M was the dominant car of the 1930 Grand Prix
season, unbeatable in the hands of Achille Varzi. For this car we are releasing two RTR versions - the all red 1930 Monza
winner and the 1930 San Sebastian winner with the silver nose.
After a few requests, the low profile guide we use on our chassis is now available to buy as a spare for the scratch builder.
With its horizontal exiting guide wires it provides valuable room above the guide. Especially important for later F1's and
Can-am builds where the noses of these cars a very low to the track. The guide comes complete with mounting screw and
washer along with ferrules....
...pricing and details are on the ordering page.

We have also finalised our 1st series of cars. There will be 12 releases all of which we hope to release during 2016. See
car list for details.
Our fourth release the 1930 Maserati 26M is now available to order, see car and contact pages for details...
We have finalised the production pattern for the T54 and hope to cast over the next couple of weeks. Once the first batch
of kits have been cast we will update the ordering page. We quite like how this big Bugatti has come out in 1/32, here are
some pictures of the production pattern...
Bugatti T54 Pattern
Bugatti T54 Pattern
The first of our blue cars of Bugatti to race against the red of Alfa and Maserati is now here! We have cast the first batch of
bodies and kits and RTR's are now available to order. Please see contact/order page for details. Pictures of the kit are on
car page, RTR pictures to follow.
Now the first batch of RTR cars have been completed we've updated the Bugatti Type 54 page with pictures of the RTR car...
I'm getting close to finishing the pattern for the next release, the ever popular Alfa P3...
...hope to have this in production in July, more to come soon...
Our sixth release the Alfa P3 is now available to order in kit form and RTR. The car page has been updated with detail
pictures of the new kit and RTR. There are of course many liveries that can be done with the P3, I have chosen Varzi's
winning ride at the Tripoli Grand Prix so the kit and RTR will be carrying the No.18 along with Ferrari badges as at the time the
factory Alfa's were running under the Scuderia Ferrari banner. I'm really pleased with this kit and hope you will be too...
We are halfway through the 1st series of cars now and the next release will probably be the diminutive voiturette racer the
Maserati 4CM/6CM sometime in September.
In response to market feedback we have changed how we offer chassis and running gear to complete your builds. After some
design enhancements we're please to announce we will now be offering complete chassis kits. These kits will contain all the
parts you need to complete the build of your Shadowfax slot car. As the chassis kits will be offered in kit form we can also
reduce the price to an attractive £36.95 offering real value for money over buying running gear separately. Details are on the
chassis and ordering pages.
I'm back from my break and concentrating on the next release - the Maserati 4/6CM. This is a great little voiturette racer and
should make a great little slot car. Just need to finalise the driver seat and screen mounts and it will be ready to make the
production tooling. Hope to have kits and RTR's available to order soon...
I have prepared some assembly instructions for the complete chassis kits to assist with assembly. They can be viewed,
downloaded and printed from here if required:

Golden Era Chassis Assembly Part 1: Assembling the rear axle

Golden Era Chassis Assembly Part 2: Fitting the motor

they are also on the chassis page.
I have added some new pictures of some recently completed scratch builds using the Alfa Romeo P3 kit...
Series II Upgrades - We have changed the rear end of our chassis to make it easier to fit the rear axle and provide an extra
body mounting point at the rear. The rear axle can now be mounted in the conventional way using the clip-in nylon bearings
We have also revised our prices and can now offer Complete Slot car kits - that's a resin body kit and complete chassis kit -
everything you need to build your own vintage racer for under £60 - see Contact & Order page for details.
This will be our final car of 2016. I'm currently working on three new patterns for the Titan range of cars from the 1912 ACF
French Grand Prix. There will also be an all new digital compatible chassis with leaf spring suspension that will accompany this
exciting new range. I hope to have a re-organised website showcasing all the cars by decade with all the details of the new cars,
chassis, and other new products and spares early in the New Year.
We are very pleased and excited to announce the first three cars from our Titan range. These cars have been created to
combine hand crafted resin bodies to the latest 3D manufactured polymer chassis technology. The Titan chassis has front
wheel steering, working leaf spring suspension all round and is also the first of our chassis to be Scalextric digital compatible
(Scalextric C7005 digital chip not included). These cars are from three of the great racing marques of the time - Peugeot, Fiat
and Lorraine Dietrich. All three cars were the pinnacle of Grand Prix racing and all featured at the 1912 ACF French Grand Prix
with Peugeot taking the honours with their innovative L76. This range is slightly more expensive due to the increase in parts and
complexity required to transform cars of this vintage into accurate, great looking and enjoyable slot cars with full length driver
figures, full interiors and the various spare wheel configurations that these cars carried during races. To see more on these
please take a look through our reorganised website and join us on a slot car odyssey through the ages....
You will notice on our order page we also have a new section for Scratch building spares. We get asked a lot about making
spares available for scratch builders so we have the tyres, steering wheels and our low profile guide we use in our body and
chassis kits now available as spares along with a choice of motors for your own builds.
Website updates - We have updated and reorganised the website to show our intentions going forward. To start with we have
chosen thirty-one of the most important cars covering four decades from the dawn of Grand Prix racing in the 1900's to the
Golden Era of the 1930's. We will be adding to the range over time, for example our 1930's line up would not be complete
without a Mercedes or an Auto Union. We may also take some out if it conflicts with other manufacturers releases. Suggestions
are always welcome for the range. It's an ambitious project and with ten releases now available to purchase we are already a
third of the way through. Cars will be released in no particular order. Models have a tendency to decide there own destiny, I
generally have several cars in progress at any one time and I'm never really sure which one will be finished first.

All of the cars offered here form the rich history of Grand Prix racing and what is now called Formula 1. The cars involved in all
the triumphs and tragedies of time, played out in front crowds of hundreds of thousands, are recreated here in this special
collection of slot cars dedicated to the period from motor racings very beginnings up until the Second World War.
Please note all tyres are our new lower profile design with new realistic tread patterns made from improved tooling. Available in a
choice of tread patterns and colours...
The Titan range is currently sold out. We will make them available again in the summer. Thanks to everyone for their support for
this unique range of slot cars. All existing RTR orders for this range should be completed in the next 4 weeks.
I have caught up with the orders for the Titan range so have made the kits and RTR's available again. Here's a picture from last
week showing the final batch of RTR's being readied for completion...
Please note I am preparing to move to France in October of this year. This means there may be periods from September
onwards where I may not be able to operate because of the transition. I plan to bring out two new cars before the move - 1932
Bugatti T53 and the Nuvolari 1930 P2 Grand Prix car. If you are thinking of ordering anything from the site please do it now to
avoid disappointment. I will be keeping the website updated with the latest news and updating the site as necessary throughout
the move.
I have just uploaded the latest pictures from master scratch builder Chris Wright. Chris has built his Alfa 308 (SHX3011) kit into
the 1948 Johnny Mauro entry at the Indianapolis 500....
I'm still working on the next two releases. At the moment I'm splitting my time between getting the new cars ready for release and
preparing for our move to France so a big thank you to everyone for your patience.
I'm having a summer break from Shadowfax between 22nd July to the 14th August. You can still order through the website but I
will not be able to respond or ship any orders until my return.
Our move to France is happening quicker than expected and I now expect to be in France by the end of September. For the time
being I have suspended the ordering page until I am set up and running again in our new workshop in France. Hopefully some
time during October I can re-open the ordering page. I'd like to thank all my customers during this time for their patience and
look forward to supplying slot cars and kits from the golden age of motoring from our new home in France.
I have now made the move to France and I am starting to set-up the workshop and business administration. There is lots to do
both setting up physically in the workshop, organising supplies in France and various administrative tasks such as setting up
French business paypal. The ordering page will be converted to Euro's. This will take longer than expected so I have taken the
decision not to re-open the ordering page until the New Year. This will give the time required to set-up properly and make sure I
can satisfy orders in an efficient and timely manner as before. Thank you all for your patience.
I have updated the order page showing what is available and pricing now in Euro's. We can accept orders but we have not set
up the Paypal shopping cart yet so in the meantime please send us an email with your requirements and we will arrange for a
Paypal invoice when the order is ready to ship.
A big thank you to Alex Asenjo for sharing his build of the 1934 Targa Florio winning P3. Alex has done a great job converting
the P3 kit (SHX3009) to represent the car in this race. Pictures of this build can be seen in the gallery (Page 3)....
I have now updated the ordering page with the Paypal shopping cart buttons to make ordering very easy via Paypal as before. I
am now accepting orders for delivery in January, thanks to all for your patience during our move from the UK to France.
Happy New Year to all! I have completed the patterns for three new releases that I plan to launch this month, they will be the
1932 Bugatti T53, 1930 Nuvolari Alfa P2 Grand Prix car, and the 1930 Maserati 26M Targa Florio. Pictures to come soon as I'm
currently waiting on resin and silicon supplies to arrive from the UK so I can cast bodies!
There are three new releases now available -  the 1932 Bugatti T53, 1930 Nuvolari Alfa P2 Grand Prix car, and the 1930
Maserati 26M Targa Florio, the car pages and order page have been updated with photo's and ordering info...
SHX3008 -1932 Bugatti T53
SHX3002 -1930 Maserati 26M TF
SHX3004 -1930 Alfa P2 GP Nuvolari
Next releases should be the Bugatti T51 and Alfa Monza from the famous race at Monaco in 1933, that will finish our current
line-up for the 30's range but I do have a few surprise cars I'm already working on to add from the legendary silver arrow
marques Mercedes and Auto Union this year too!
My next two releases will be the Bugatti T51 of Varzi and the Alfa Romeo 'Monza' of Nuvolari from their epic battle at Monaco in
Nuvolari leading Varzi through the famous hairpin curve
I will be in th UK for a short trip next week but hope to have these two new cars ready for release some time in April.
The Bugatti T51 of Varzi and the Alfa Romeo 'Monza' of Nuvolari from their epic battle at Monaco in 1933 are now available to
order. Ordering page has been updated. Pictures to follow very soon....
I've uploaded the kit pictures of the two new cars please see car pages for more detail. RTR pictures to follow...
I have now completed the updates to show the RTR pictures of the latest releases...
5th May 2018 - Pictures added to the Gallery, take a look at Chris Wrights
beautiful P3...
20th July 2018 - Silver Arrows are coming to Shadowfax! The 1934 Mecredes
W25 and Auto Union 'Type A' Silver Arrows wil be the next two releases...
The very first Silver Arrows to grace the race tracks back in 1934 will be the next subjects for Shadowfax Slot car realisation. I'm
currently working on both these cars and plan to make them available in August...
...both cars will be from the Eifelrennen GP of 1934 at the Nurburgring, where the Mercedes made its debut and won the race
with the Auto Union coming second - an ominous sign of things to come for the up till now dominant French and Italian teams...
16th August 2018 - First of the Silver Arrows now available to order, pictures
to follow.
Price reductions on Chassis kits, postage and Titan range....
The first our Silver Arrows cars the 1934-35 Mercedes W25 and the Auto Union Type A are now available to order. Pictures to
follow soon. I have also reviewed pricing for chassis kits and postage and have reduce prices significantly for these products...
21st August 2018 - Silver Arrows kit pictures uploaded...
1934 Auto Union Type A
1934-35 Mercedes W25
25th August 2018 - Pictures of built examples of the new releases now
Check out all the latest pictures of our new releases - the Auto Union Type A and the Mercedes W25, see car pages for details...
6th October 2018 - Auto Union Rennlimousin coming this month....
The pattern for next release SHX3015 the Auto Union Rennlimousin is finished and kits should be available later this month...
13th October 2018 - Auto Union Streamliner 'Rennlimousin' now availale to
Our latest release is now ready to order see order and car pages for the details....
18th October 2018 - Latest release featured in Slot Car Today see the article
here -
28th November 2018 - ColorCast Vintage Pit crew/mechanics coming soon...
I've developed a range of vintage pit crew figures for my own layout and I have decided to make these available to others who
would like a vintage looking pit crew for their layout. This is a set of 5 mechanics complete with Oil/Fuel Drum, Hammer and
Funnel. Cast in 4 different colours with separate heads this makes a versatile and easy to paint set of figures for your layout....
Price will be 18 Euro's per set and I will be casting these in batches and selling through the new Shadowfax ebay shop. In the
meantime if you're interested in this exciting new product please send me an email at:
2nd December 2018 - ColorCast Vintage Pit crew/mechanics...
Here's a fully painted example of my new vintage pit crew figures to show the potential of this great new range. I have cast
limited stock of all colours, if you would like a set please see the order page for details...
19th December 2018 - A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all...
I wish all our visitors and customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Its been a busy 2018, my first year in France has
proven to be successful and look forward to making lots more vintage racers in 2019. First releases for 2019 will be a couple of
1920s cars - the Duesenberg and Sunbeam....
1921 French GP - Winner - No.12 Jimmy Murphy
1923 French GP - Winner - No.12 Henry Seagrave
...after that hopefully a new Titan - the 1912 Sunbeam...
9th January 2019 - Free artwork download...
I've created some artwork for the Shadowfax Speedway track and have made it available to those also interested in vintage
advertisements. Click on the image below to download.....