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Here we will provide useful links to publications that feature Shadowfax Slot Cars. We will also list here for download our own publication
'The Spotlight' which provides further information and reference material to help build and/or accompany your Shadowfax slot car...
An interview Feature from
the January 2016 Issue
Feature on an early prototype kit build
by Peter Simpson from Issue No.16
Issue 1 - This issue explores the
many variants of the 1924-1929 Alfa
Romeo P2 (
SHX2006). We show how
we built two alternate versions of the
P2 and provide some history and
period photo's of this great car..
Issue 2 - In this 2nd issue of The
we explore some alternate
liveries of the South American Racers
with the Alfa 308 kit (
SHX3011). Also
included is the artwork we used to
create our builds.
More 'The Spotlight' Issues to follow soon....
Issue 3 - This issue shows all the
steps to turn a Titan complete kit into
a running slot car...
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A Feature on the Auto Union
Streamliner October  2018
Free Artwork Download - We've created
some artwork for our own track. All 30's advertisements
free for download just click on the image below....