The Crosman Remington 1875 is a remarkable Airgun replica. Very accurate and faithful to the original firearm its modelled on. One
thing that can enhance this gun is the addition of custom grips. The factory supplied grips have omitted the grip screw present on the
original firearm. Shadowfax grips have the grip screw detail included and whichever finish you select will greatly improve the look of
your Crosman Remington.
Grips for the Crosman Remington 1875
The Shadowfax Custom Grips include the grip screw details missing on
the factory supplied grips..
...all you need to do is transfer the spring
clip and allen key from your factory grips
and your'e ready to go!
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These simulated ivory grips are
cast in a superior polymer resin
coloured to a rich ivory colour with
a smooth satin finish. These grips
are a great upgrade in weight,
look and feel over factory supplied
thin-walled plastic grips.
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Special Deluxe
Checkered - 'Ivory'
Checkered by hand just as the
originals would have been in a
style sympathetic to the special
deluxe grips that would have been
available for the original firearm.
Checkering cut to 16 lines per inch
with bordering detail.
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Special Deluxe
Checkered - 'Ebony'
Same as above but in an faux
Ebony Black finish

Click here to see an original 1875
Remington with Special Deluxe
Checkered Grips
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Lucky Ned Pepper
From the movie True Grit these
are based on  'Lucky' Ned
Peppers four leaf clover grips.
Finished in simulated Ebony with
Ivory Clover Insert on the right
hand grip. Special Tooling has
been developed to ensure a exact
fit and finished by hand
Currently Unavailable
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