Finish Options &
Cast in a superior polymer
resin with a smooth satin finish.
These grips are a great
upgrade in weight, look and
feel over factory supplied
thin-walled plastic grips.
From £28.00
See the Finish Gallery below for
examples of the finish options

Special Deluxe
Checkering cut to 16 lines per
inch with bordering detail.

Click here to see an original 1875
Remington with Special Deluxe
Checkered Grips
From £30.00
See the Finish Gallery below for
examples of the finish options
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We ship worldwide from the UK
(Grips are made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks for manufacture)
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Finish Gallery - Standard Colours
Cast in a superior polymer resin which is
coloured to a rich ivory.
Satin/Matt finish
'Aged' Ivory
All of our Ivory Grips are also available tinted
with orange & yellow pigments for an
aged look.
Satin/Matt finish
Wood Grain Finish
These 'wood grain' finished grips are cast in our special polymer resin that won't shrink or crack. The resin grip is then subject to a hydrographic
process to perfectly replicate the exotic wood grain finish. This is followed by the application of a protective lacquer for beautiful, durable grips
that will provide the ultimate custom statement for your Crosman Remington 1875.
Note: Due to the nature of the hydrographic process each pair of grips are unique -  the pictures below are representative only
Traditional American Walnut finish.
Matt finish
January 2020
- All grips on this site are handmade in the UK to order -
- Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for manufacture -
- Please remember to add shipping to you order see below -
The Crosman Remington 1875 is a remarkable Airgun replica. Very accurate and faithful to the original firearm its modelled on. One
thing that can enhance this gun is the addition of custom grips. The factory supplied grips have omitted the grip screw present on the
original firearm. Shadowfax grips have the grip screw detail included and whichever finish you select will greatly improve the look of
your Crosman Remington 1875 (Sheridan Cowboy)
The Shadowfax Custom Grips include the grip screw details missing on
the factory supplied grips..
...all you need to do is transfer the spring
clip from your factory grips and your'e
ready to go!
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