High Quality Handmade Custom Grips for CO2 air guns....
In addition to our well known range of slot cars we've also turned our attention to another great hobby - Replica air guns. Some of the
air gun replicas that have come to market in recent times are truly exceptional with revolvers such as the Umarex Colt SAA, ASG
Schofield and the Crosman Remington 1875 taking realism to the next level. For these pistols I wanted to make some custom grips to
enhance the look and feel of what are already exceptional replica's. Using our expertise in prototype manufacture and resin casting
we've come up with some custom grip options and are pleased to make them available to fellow replica air gun hobbyists and collectors.
Factory fitted grips on CO2 pistols are generally injection moulded plastic items, thin walled, giving a lightweight and cheaper feel than
can be achieved with solid grips. Using the resin casting process we are not restricted to the design limitations of injection moulded
grips so our grips are more solid whilst ensuring adequate clearance around all internal parts. This provides for a far superior weight
and feel to our grips, much more like the solid grips found on the original firearms.
_Grip Design
All grips are made from polyurethane resin providing superior strength, stability, wear and heat resistance. Our grips are cast in moulds
that have been made from hand crafted patterns ensuring a stronger, tougher, more solid grip thats a direct replacement for your
plastic factory supplied grips.
Grip Material
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For further information, orders and customer support our contact
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