Here we would welcome photo's from our customers of their builds of Shadowfax kits. Pictures of builds are an inspiration to us and other
builders and its always great to see your work. To have your build displayed here just email us your pictures to: and we will add it to the Gallery.
Here we have created a few builds in the Shadowfax workshop from the Alfa 308 Kit to show the various and colourful liveries that can be
chosen for your scratch builds of this fantastic car....
...they are - Red No.28 - Achille Varzi at the 1947 Buenos Aires GP (2nd), Yellow No.2 - Chico Landi at the 1947 Rio de Janeiro GP (Winner),
and the Yellow/Blue livery of Oscar Galvez No.14 at the 1948 Buenos Aires GP (2nd). More on these builds in
Spotlight Issue 2
A great build here from our very first customer! Peter Simpson's excellent build of the 1929 Alfa Romeo P2 kit using the Shadowfax Golden Era
Here are a few pictures of some scratch builds created in the Shadowfax workshop using our kits...
...using the SHX001 kit - first up is Antonio Ascari's 1924 Italian GP winning car.... is runner up at the 1925 Belgian  GP - Giuseppe Campari in a short tail P2...
...our version of Varzi's 1930 Targa Florio Wining car using the SHX002 kit...

Rod Grant - SHX002 - 1930 Alfa Romeo P2
Peter Simpson - SHX001 - 1929 Alfa Romeo P2

Rod Grant - SHX003 - 1938 Alfa Romeo 308
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