For the our Titan range of pre WW1 cars we have designed and developed a unique leaf sprung chassis with front wheel steering. This chassis is
included with all
Titan Complete Slot Car kits and provides an excellent solution for cars of this vintage. The chassis has working leaf spring
suspension front and rear isolating body movement from the important parts of the chassis - the wheels and guide - which with the high centre of
gravity of these cars ensures these critical parts remain firmly on track for improved running and enjoyment. The Titan Chassis is also Scalextric
Digital compatible with features deigned into the chassis for easy conversion using the Scalextric C7005 digital chip (not included).
Designed and manufactured using the latest 3D CAD technology
Front and rear leaf spring suspension
Hinged motor pod for improved on-track
performance by isolating the
suspension/body movements from the drive
train for a smoother more predictable drive
All new wheels and tyres for the Titan range
feature specially designed
'see through'
artillery style spoked wheels or wire wheels
depending on the car with realistic narrow
white/buff rubber tyres
The Titan chassis is also Scalextric Digital Compatible.
The chassis has been designed to easily accept the
Scalextric C7005 digital chip* to make it easy to convert
your Shadowfax slot car for Scalextric digital tracks.

Scalextric C7005 chips have to be bought separately
and are available from all reputable slot car retailers.
Just like our Golden Era chassis the
Titan chassis features Front wheel
steering too!
Titan chassis kits contain everything you need to
finish the build of your car including:
● Strong Polymer chassis with Suspension & Steering
● Wheels
'see through' design with treaded tyres
● Guide & Guide wire
● Braid & Eyelets
● Motor & Motor shaft adaptor
● Motor mounting screws
● Crown gear and Pinion gear
● 50mm rear axle and front stub axles
● Body attachment screws
The Titan chassis has a fixed wheelbase of 85mm.
TITAN-A (Artillery Wheels)
TITAN-W (Wire Wheels)
See Issue 3 of 'The Spotlight'
for a step-by-step guide to
building a Titan...