Shadowfax Slot cars are proud to present our own unique chassis designed in-house specifically for Golden Era racing cars.

The ‘Golden Era’ chassis with front wheel steering are available as complete chassis kits with
'see through' design wheels in a choice of styles.

Using the latest 3D CAD technology the chassis are made from a strong polymer designed to be super slim yet tough enough for the rigours of racing.
With its super slim design and other features outlined below its also ideal for converting other kits and static plastic models into running slot cars too...
Unlike our bodies that are all crafted by hand the ‘Golden Era’ chassis uses the latest 3D CAD technology to provide an accurate and precise chassis for
smooth and reliable running. Among the many features of the Shadowfax ‘Golden Era’ chassis are…
The cars from the golden age are very slim compared to
modern cars. The Shadowfax ‘Golden Era’ chassis is only
14mm wide at the rear and only 12mm wide at the front making
it easy to fit into the slim bodies of this era. The Mabuchi FF
(Slim-line motor) it is designed to accept is 15.5mm wide making
our chassis slimmer than the motor providing valuable room at
the rear where most of these cars taper to a point.
Most chassis on the market only accommodate a solid front
axle; these do not suit most pre-war cars as the front axle line is
above the bodywork. The ‘Golden Era’ chassis has a specially
designed low profile steering front end section with independent
running front wheels providing ample clearance for the
bodywork so no compromises on scale and look of your model
are required.

For those who want a solid front axle where clearance isn't an
issue we have created and alternative variant SHX332.
In order to maintain scale appearance it is important that our
bodies are made to the correct scale wheelbase. Wheelbase
varies from car to car so we have made the ‘Golden Era’
chassis wheelbase fully adjustable from 75mm – 86mm* to suit
most cars from this era and all of our kits. Simply slide the two
sections apart or together to achieve the correct wheelbase
and tighten the screw – that’s’ it! Ready to be installed in the
Shadowfax kit of your choice.

*SHX332 wheelbase adjustable from 80mm - 91mm
Due to the geometry and size of the front end of most pre-war
cars conventional guide blades can present problems. Trying to
fit these and ensure adequate clearance for the guide and
guide wires to turn can have a negative effect on the
appearance, ride-height and performance of scale pre-war
cars. To resolve these issues we have designed our own - The
Shadowfax Blade-Guide power pick-up is a low profile, neat and
elegant solution to guiding and providing power to the motor.
The Blade-Guide pivot is ahead of the front axle line improving
racing performance and braid/wires are secured using standard
eyelets providing quick and easy braid replacement.
The steering unit has also been developed on 3D CAD software
for precise and accurate manufacturing. The steering system
connects the Blade-Guide to the wheels via a flat track rod.
This unique low profile steering design means there's no
compromises required with cut-outs in the bodywork.

A neat and reliable system designed specifically for vintage
racers. Our front wheel steering system really brings these cars
to life and adds that extra touch of realism to on track

Note: SHX332 chassis does not have front wheel steering.
Front axle line above the
bodywork - Solid Axle too high!
The Shadowfax 'Golden Era' steering
front-end provides ample clearance
and independent running front wheels
The Shadowfax ‘Golden Era’ chassis has been developed using the latest 3D CAD technology
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All of our chassis kits contain everything you need to
finish the build of your car including:
As we are producing cars from all the great marques of the era we needed to make sure we also have the right wheels available. We have designed two
wheel options so you can select a suitable chassis kit for your Shadowfax body kit. Both options are designed and manufactured using the latest 3D
CAD technology for an accurate and cost effective solution. All of our wheels are unique
'see through' designs offering increased realism.
Wire wheels are made from a tough polymer compound and
incorporates the Shadowfax
'see through' advanced design made
possible using the latest 3D technology offering increased realism for
your builds...
Bugatti wheels are also made from a tough polymer compound that
offers the
'see through' advanced design. These wheels represent the
one piece 8 spoke alloy as found on the T51 and T54...
● Super Slim and Strong Polymer chassis
● Wheels
'see through' design with knock off's
● Treaded Tyres
● Guide & Guide wire
● Braid & Eyelets
● Motor & Motor shaft adaptor
● Motor mounting screws
● Crown gear and Pinion gear
● 50mm rear axle and front stub axles
● Nylon rear axle bearings
● Body attachment screws
Wheelbase 80mm - 91mm (No Steering)
SHXGE-B (Bugatti Wheels)
Wheelbase 75mm - 86mm
With Steering!
SHXGE-W (Wire Wheels)
Wheelbase 75mm - 86mm
With Steering!
'see through' design
'see through' design
Rear Wheels attached via grub screws
Wheel and tyre interface design