_1913 Peugeot L76
1913 Winner
No.16 Jules Goux
1914 Winner
No.16 Rene Thomas

1914 2nd
No.14 Arthur Duray

_1915 Mercedes
1915 Winner
No.2 Ralph de Palma

_1916 Peugeot EX5
1916 Winner
No.17 Dario Resta

_1919 Peugeot EX5
1919 Winner
No.3 Howdy Wilcox

_1921 Frontenac
1921 Winner
No.2 Tommy Milton

_1921 Duesenberg
1921 2nd
No.6 Roscoe Sarles

_1921 Ballot
1921 12th
No.4 Ralph DePalma

_1922 Duesenberg/Miller
1922 Winner
No.35 Jimmy Murphy
_1935 Miller/Ford
1935 DNF
With its inaugural race in 1911 the Indianapolis 500 mile race today still remains one of the most prestigious events on the motor racing calender.
Here we concentrate on the early years where, alongside American marques and drivers, the European makers also developed their cars to try
and win. From 1913 to 1919 they were successful with Peugeot, Delage and Mercedes all winning. These cars along with the American
Duesenberg and Frontenac racers this range will include, among others, all Indy 500 Winners from 1913 through to 1922.