High Quality Slot cars, Resin Kits and Chassis for the Slot car Racer, Scratch Builder and Collector....
A period that was ultimately dominated by the state sponsored German marques of Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union. This range also includes
the supporting cast with all the great cars from Alfa Romeo, Bugatti and Maserati....

_1930 Alfa Romeo P2
1930 Alfa Romeo P2

_1930 Maserati 26M
1930 Maserati 26M
1931 Bugatti T54
Bugatti Type 54
1931 Bugatti T51
1931 Alfa Romeo 'Monza'
1932 Bugatti T53
1934 Alfa Romeo P3
Alfa Romeo P3
1937 Maserati 4CM
1938 Alfa Romeo 308