Join us on a slot car odyssey through the ages from the dawn
of Motor Racing in the 1900's through to the Golden Era of the

All of our cars are crafted by hand in the Shadowfax workshop
and are designed to be easy to build and provide maximum
enjoyment on track when coupled to our range of innovative

Our high quality resin bodies - impact resistant and designed
for the rigours of racing - are vacuum cast in two part mould
tools and have mounting points cast in to suit our range of
unique slot car chassis. Our
Golden Era chassis for our 20's
and 30's racers come with front wheel steering and the
chassis adds working leaf spring suspension! Our Titan chassis
is also digital compatible keeping our range up-to-date with the
latest slot car technology.

The cars we offer here are the result of a life long passion for
slot cars and historic racing cars. Our mission, our raison d'être
to build the most comprehensive and innovative range of slot
car racers from the 1900's through to the 1930's.

Start your journey here and explore the range from the very
beginnings of Grand Prix racing evolving from the town-to-town
races and Gordon Bennett Cup through to the slick streamlined
racers of the Golden Era...

Cars & Chassis
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For the latest news and pictures you can follow us on Instagram @shadowfaxslotcars
For the latest news and pictures you can follow us on Instagram @shadowfaxslotcars
High Quality Slot cars, Resin Kits and Chassis for the Slot car Racer, Scratch Builder and Collector....