1947 - Buenos Aires GP - Achille Varzi
The Alfa Romeo factory made a comeback to Grand Prix racing in 1938 having
taking over from the dissolved Scuderia Ferrari.

With Enzo Ferrari still as Team manager their first creation was the 308.

The debut of the new car at the Pau GP didn’t go well with Nuvolari retiring after
his 308 burst into flames prompting him to resign from Alfa Romeo and move to
Auto Union!

After the war the 308's found success at the hands of Achille Varzi, Oscar Gálvez
and Chico Landi in South America with wins in Brazil and Argentina. A 308 also
scored top ten finishes at the Indianapolis 500 between 1946-48.

1/32 Wheelbase : 86mm
Body Kit Only
*Complete Kit
Body Kit + SHX332-W
*Complete Kits - Everything you need to build your slot car!
Here's a selection of pictures of scratch built cars using the above kits...
1947 Buenos Aires GP - 2nd - No.28 Achille Varzi