1934 - Alfa Romeo P3
The Alfa Romeo P3 was the first genuine single-seat Grand Prix
racing car.

After initially using their ‘Monza’ racing cars
(SHX3007) for the first
half of the 1932 Grand Prix season the P3 was introduced by Alfa
Romeo in June, winning its first race at the hands of Nuvolari - the
Italian GP at Monza. After this victory the Tipo B was commonly
called 'P3', in recognition of being a worthy successor
to the
victorious P2, eight years before. The P3 also went on to win the
French and German GP’s in 1932 at the hands of Nuvolari and
Caracciola respectively.

The Alfa Romeo team withdrew from racing in 1933 leaving the
Ferrari team to represent Alfa Romeo for 1933 with its ‘Monzas’.
After Ferrari failed to score with the ‘Monzas’ Alfa Romeo finally
released the P3’s to Ferrari in August 1933 in time for Chiron and
Fagioli to dominate the end of the season with 3 victories each.

The 1934 Season saw the arrival of the silver arrows in the form of
the mighty Mercedes and Auto Union teams. The P3 did take
notable victories at the Monaco, Tripoli and French Grand Prix’s
before the German cars true dominance prevailed.

1/32 Wheelbase : 82.5mm
Alfa Romeo P3
Alfa Romeo P3
Alfa Romeo P3
Alfa Romeo P3
Alfa Romeo P3
Alfa Romeo P3
Alfa Romeo P3
Alfa Romeo P3
Alfa Romeo P3