1932 - Monza GP - Achille Varzi
Remembered for their raw power the big 5 litre
Type 54’s made their debut at the 1931 Monza GP
driven by Louis Chiron and Achille Varzi.

Varzi was able to finish in third place despite tyre
problems caused by the sheer power and weight of the
new car.

The cars were fast, but they were difficult to handle, due
to the frame construction and the tremendous amounts
of power produced by the engine.

On circuits with long straights such as AVUS the car did
well where in 1933 Varzi secured a thrilling win over
Count Czaykowski in a sister T54.

Weighing in at a hefty 950kg rule changes for the 1934
season limiting cars to 750kg rendered the T54 obsolete
for Grand Prix racing.

1/32 Wheelbase : 86mm