1933 - Monaco GP - The epic battle between Varzi and Nuvolari
ends on the final lap after an engine fire
After first appearing at the 1931 Millie Miglia these
supercharged straight eight 2.3 litre Alfa Romeo's were
entered for the Italian GP at Monza.

At the hands of Campari and Nuvolari they secured
victory and after the race these models became known
as the 'Monza'.

In 1932 the ‘Monza’ cars were replaced in the Alfa
Romeo works team by the Tipo B. However for 1933
when Alfa Romeo withdrew from racing Scuderia Ferrari
entered the cars with an increased capacity of 2.6 litres.
One such car played its part in what is considered the
one of the greatest Grand Prix of all time – the 1933
Monaco Grand Prix. After 99 laps of the race with the
lead exchanging 21 times and leading the race for 56 of
the 99 laps the Alfa Romeo ‘Monza’ of Nuvolari finally
expired on the final lap handing victory to Varzi in his
Bugatti T51
(SHX3006) ending a truly titanic battle.

1/32 Wheelbase : 83mm