1930 - San Sebastian GP - Achille Varzi - Winner
The Maserati Tipo 26M dominated the 1930 Grand Prix

Achille Varzi was again the most successful driver . After
starting the year in a private Bugatti, then a factory Alfa
Romeo P2 he then switched over to the Bologna stable and
won all three races in which his Maserati was entered, the
Coppa Acerbo, the Monza Grand Prix and the San Sebastian
Grand Prix.

Maserati had their best year ever with the 26M and was the
most successful design winning five of the nine major races.

The Monza GP was one Varzi's greatest victories. After
losing time in the pits and dropping to 6th place in the Final,
Varzi stormed through the field finally catching up with his
teammate Arcangeli on the last lap and taking victory by 0.2
of a second.

1/32 Wheelbase : 82.5mm