1929 - Coppa Ciano - Achille Varzi - Winner
Designed by the great Vittorio Jano the Alfa Romeo P2
with its straight eight 2 litre supercharged engine won
the all important Grand Prix de l'A.C.F of 1924 at the
hands of opera singer and racing driver Giuseppe

Followed by securing the first World Championship for
makes for Alfa Romeo in 1925, for 1926 rule changes
limiting displacement to 1.5 litres rendered the P2’s
obsolete for Grand Prix racing.

A return to Formula Libre in 1929 meant the P2’s in the
private hands of drivers like Achille Varzi were again the
most successful car in Grand Prix with Varzi winning four
of the major events out of eight starts.

1/32 Wheelbase : 82.3mm
Alfa Romeo P2