1927 Delage 15S8
1927 French GP - 2nd - No. 12 Edmond Bourlier
Delage's 15 S8 was the most successful Grand Prix car of
1927. It won the French, Spanish, European & British
events at the hands of  Robert Benoist winning the marque
the much coveted constructor's World Championship.

In 1929 Louis Chiron raced the championship winning car
at the Indy 500 and secured 7th place overall.

The 15 S8's continued to see active service for many
years to come in the hands of privateers. In the mid-1930's
it proved to be the perfect weapon in the very popular
voiturette class. In the hands of Richard Seaman, the then
ten year old Delage regularly beat the much more modern
Maserati's and ERA's in 1936.

1/32 Wheelbase : 78.2mm
1927 Delage 15S8