The Talbot 1.5 litre GP car built to the 1926/1927 Grand Prix
regulations was a handsome streamlined design with steeply sloping
radiator and low seating position made possible by the offset
position of engine and transmission.

An advanced and complex car it was still under developed by the
time three cars were entered for the British GP at Brooklands. The
car set fastest lap for Henry Seagrave but ultimately failed to finish
the race.

The 1927 French GP at  Montlhèry was dominated by the works
Delage teams’ 1-2-3 with
15S8's, with Williams and Jules Moriceau
finishing a distant 4th in the Talbot.

1928 saw the Talbot 700's sold off  to Emilio Materassi. Now painted
in red the cars enjoyed a number of good results in the Formula
Libre events against reasonable opposition. Tragically however the
1928 Italian GP at Monza saw one of motor racing's worst accidents
when Materassi's Talbot crashed into the grandstand killing himself
and over 20 spectators.

Talbot 700's continued to race into the early 1930s with diminishing

1/32 Wheelbase : 81.25mm
1927 - French GP - Louis Wagner
1926 Talbot 700