1924 San Sebastian GP - Winner - No.14  - Henry Seagrave
For Sunbeam, the win at French GP at Tours in 1923 was
followed by another win at the Spanish Grand Prix. The
1923 model was updated for 1924 and Henry Segrave
drove his Sunbeam – now fitted with a Roots supercharger
– to 5th place in the 1924 French Grand Prix at Lyon
behind the new
Alfa P2’s of Campari and Wagner and Divo
and Benoists’s
Delage 2LCV’s.

Segrave also won at the San Sebastian GP that year
(perhaps more notable because the Sunbeam of Lee
Guinness crashed, killing his mechanic, which led to the
banning of riding mechanics in Grand Prix cars) finishing
ahead of a strong field of Bugatti's and
Delage 2LCV’s.

1/32 Wheelbase : 81mm
1924 Sunbeam GP