After being outclassed firstly by the Duesenberg's in 1921
and then the Fiat 804’s in 1922 Sunbeam managed to
persuade Fiat Designer Vincenzo Bertarione to design
them their cars for the 1923 season. Not surprisingly the
new Sunbeams were very like the Fiat 804’s earning them
the nickname the ‘Green Fiats’.

So the scene was set for one of Sunbeam’s greatest
sporting achievements winning 1923 French Grand Prix at
Tours with their cars finishing 1st, 2nd and 4th. Henry
Segrave came in first, at an average speed of 75.3m.p.h.
Albert Divo came in second and Lee Guinness finished in
fourth place.

This was the first win for a British car in this Grand Prix. In
October, Albert Divo went on to win the Spanish Grand Prix
at the Autodrome Nacional in a 'Green Fiat' too.

1/32 Wheelbase : 78mm
1923 Sunbeam GP
1923 French GP - Winner - No.12 Henry Seagrave