1922 Fiat 804
1922 French GP - Winner - No.4 Felice Nazzaro
Fiat was the dominant force in Grand Prix racing in the
early 1920’s. The 804 was Fiat’s answer to the new 2 litre
formula of 1922 with its all new 6 cylinder 2 litre engine.
At the French Grand Prix in July of 1922 a Fiat 804 driven
by veteran driver Felice Nazzaro secured an easy win,
victory however was marred  by the death of his nephew,
Biagio in a sister 804. Pietro Bordino would follow the
French Grand Prix win with victory at the Italian Grand Prix
followed by Nazzaro in second.

Fiat also had success in 1923 with the 805 but with
pressure from Mussolini's government  to concentrate on
other projects and tired of other teams copying their
technology and poaching their staff Fiat quit racing in 1924.

Their only other appearance was with the awesome
for one race in 1927 winning the Grand Prix of Milan just to
show the world they were still the best. After this
performance the racing programme was halted and all the
racing cars destroyed.

1/32 Wheelbase : 78.2mm