Aston Martin started their motor racing career in 1922.
They entered two cars for the French Grand Prix driven by
Clive Gallop and Louis Zborowski. The race was
dominated by
Felice Nazzaro driving the Fiat 804.
Unfortunately both Aston’s failed to finish due to engine

Gallop was a WWI fighter pilot and after hostilities ended
he joined the newly formed Bentley Motors as engine
designer.  In 1921 he joined Zborowski at his estate and
helped him design and build his own cars until Zborowski's
tragic death at Monza in 1924. Gallop returned to Bentley
and was a instrumental in the success of the 'Bentley Boys'
and the development of the 4/12 litre Bentley engine.

1/32 Wheelbase : 81mm
1922 French GP - Clive Gallop