For the new 3 litre formula of 1921 Ernest Ballot had the
great designer Ernest Henry of Peugeot fame create him a
team of cars.

Henry designed a 3 litre straight eight engine, a handsome
streamlined 2-seater body was used, with provision for a
spare wheel to be accommodated longitudinally in the
hinged tail.

Ballot’s first Grand Prix entry at the prestigious French GP
at Le mans in 1921 would see a shock win for the
Americans with their Duesenberg 183 and the 3 Litre Ballot
coming in 2nd at the hands of Ralph DePalma.

However at the Italian Grand Prix of 1921, although the
Fiats were taster, the 3-litre Ballots were more reliable,
taking a 1-2 with Jules Goux followed home by Jean
Chassagne. Finally, at Indianapolis in 1922 the 3-litre rule
stayed in force and a Ballot driven by Eddie Hearne
finished 3rd.

1/32 Wheelbase : 83mm
1921 Ballot 3 Litre
1921 Italian GP - Winner - No.11 Jules Goux