An estimated 300,000 spectators turned out for the 1914
French Grand Prix, the last Grand Prix before the hell of
WW1 changed the world forever.

The latest Peugeot's were favourites for the race and
when they rolled out to the starting grid were met with
rapturous applause from the partisan crowd. In contrast
the Mercedes team were met with silence. Georges Boillot
gave all he had with a magnificent drive and took the lead
from Max Sailer's Mercedes after engine failure saw the
fastest lap setters' race end. Boillot kept the lead until the
final lap when a wrecked engine left him devastated and in
tears, his race in tatters powerless to stop a tremendous
1-2-3 for Mercedes led by Christian Lautenschlager in car

The Peugeot EX5 was very successful at the Indianapolis
500 winning twice in 1916 and 1919.

1/32 Wheelbase : 85mm
1914 French GP - DNF - No.5 Georges Boillot
© LAT Photographic
(Scalextric Digital Compatible†)
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