The new Peugeots for 1913 were slimmer and sleaker than
previous years L76 with engine capacity now at 5.6

While testing these new cars, one of the masterminds of
Peugeots historic Grand Prix racing line up Paul Zuccarelli
was killed during a Collision with a hay truck on a stretch of
the Route Nationale, a memorial still stands today on the
roadside near Nonancourt.

The EX3 took a 1-2 at the French Grand Prix, a first for
any make at this event, at the hands of Boillot and Goux
ahead of a 3rd placed Sunbeam and Paul Bablot 4th
in his

The EX3 also came 2nd and 4th at the 1914 Indy 500
driven by Athur Duray and Jules Goux respectively.

1/32 Wheelbase : 85mm
1913 ACF Grand Prix - Winner - No.8 Georges Boillot
(Scalextric Digital Compatible†)
†Scalextric Digital compatible by adding C7005 chip (not included)