For 1913, the new Delage type Y set the fasted lap time at
the ACF Grand Prix at Amiens in July with Paul Bablot at
the wheel. The two man team of Bablot and Guyot
eventually finished 4th and 5th respectively behind a
for Peugeot and a 3rd placed Sunbeam. The following
month Bablot and Guyot would go onto take a 1-2 in their
Delage type Y's at the Grand Prix de France at Le mans.

In 1914, a Delage Type Y won the 1914 Indianapolis 500
with René Thomas at the wheel.

1/32 Wheelbase : 85mm
1913 ACF Grand Prix - 4th - No.2 Paul Bablot
(Scalextric Digital Compatible†)
†Scalextric Digital compatible by adding C7005 chip (not included)