The Lorraine-Dietrich Grand Prix cars entered for the 1912
Grand Prix de France had enormous 15 litre engines,
nearly twice that of the winning Peugeot L76.

Bearing the cross of Lorraine on their grilles four of these
magnificent cars were entered for the race with drivers
Bablot, Hemery, Hanriot and Heim and were among the
favourites for the race. However this wasn’t a great race
for Lorraine-Dietrich. None of the cars could make it for
the second day of racing so it was left to
Fiat with their
giant red S74’s to do battle with the voiturettes and the
new Peugeots.

Some time later one of the team cars entered for the 1912
Dieppe Grand Prix came into the hands of Sir Malcolm
Campbell and became one of the first ‘BlueBirds’.

1/32 Wheelbase : 85mm
1912 French GP - DNF - No.34 René Hanriot
1912 Lorraine Dietrich
(Scalextric Digital Compatible†)
†Scalextric Digital compatible by adding C7005 chip (not included)
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