For the 1912 Grand Prix de France the ACF drew up
simple regulations with only the car width restricted to
1750mm. With these rules the popular 800kg voiturette
racers would race against the titanic Grand Prix cars over
2 days on a 47.8 mile course to the northeast of Dieppe.  
The Fiat S74 was one such Grand Prix car with a 14.1 litre
4 cylinder engine!

A team of three of the giant red S74 race cars were
entered to compete with the new cars from Peugeot. An
S74 at the hands of David Bruce-Brown was in the lead at
the end of the first day however a split fuel line and then
borrowed fuel led to disqualification. The sister S74 of
Ralph DePalma was also disqualified leaving the S74 of
Louis Wagner to come in a distant second to the
Peugeot of George Boillot well ahead of the 3rd placed
voiturette Sunbeam of Victor Rigal.

1/32 Wheelbase : 85mm
1912 French GP - 2nd - No.23  Louis Wagner
1912 Fiat S74
(Scalextric Digital Compatible†)
†Scalextric Digital compatible by adding C7005 chip (not included)
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