1934 - Eifelrennen GP - First race, first win for Mercedes with
Manfred von Brauchitsch at the wheel in No.20      
In 1934 Mercedes returned to GP racing creating a
sensation with their beautifully streamlined racer with a
supercharged straight engine and independent
suspension all round.

They made their debut at the Eifelrennen where they
failed the 750 kg limit at the weigh-in by 1 kg. Arriving
painted in white, the story goes that during the night the
white paint and filler was removed and replaced by a
thin coat of aluminium color and the next day the cars
passed the check and went on to win their first race.
True or not from that day on the cars featured in the
silver color that had already been adopted by
Union thus giving birth to the Silver Arrows legend.

With the exception of the 1936 season Mercedes-Benz
dominated GP racing for the rest of the pre-war era.

SHX3012- Marks the return of Mercedes to GP racing in
1934 with the beautiful streamlined W25.

1/32 Wheelbase : 85mm